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Presentation slides (PDF), for PPT please email me: yongzhao.uo@gmail.com


  • Garrick Teckenburg said:

    Hi Dr. Zhao – I am the high school principal at Gladbrook-Reinbeck high school in Reinbeck, Iowa. I attended SAI today and was inspired by what you had to say. I look forward to sharing some of your ideas on my new blog that I just started and also with my staff.

    Thanks for coming to Iowa and best of luck.

  • Jolene Comer said:

    Hi Dr. Zhao. I’d like to thank you for taking the time to come to SAI to share your expertise. I learned a lot from your session, and came away feeling refreshed and inspired. I plan to share several of your slides with my staff. Thank you for posting it on your website.

  • Michele Thomas said:

    Thank you so much for your talk at the Indiana School Boards Association conference today. I’m going to post about your talk at my school board blog and link to your presentation slides. Your ideas are exciting and backed up with data–can you get a few hours alone with Arne Duncan?

    All the best to you in your work.

  • Dr. Bill Myhr said:

    As an Arizona P-12 school superintendent I am extremely anxious about the reforms being driven through the state legislature with little regard for support and intervention systems. We appear to be taking pieces of legislation from around the country (Colorado, Pennsylvania, Florida) that came with support and interventions for students and teachers and passing as reactive unfunded mandates. 3rd grade retention for reading, loss of full day kindergarten funding, no universal preschool,early high school graduation (Grand Canyon diploma)just to name a few to qualify for RTTT second round. School restructuring is a journey not a single event.

  • John said:

    Live from the floor in Madison 🙂
    I truly enjoy the way you think outside the sphere. Anyone can think outside the box, but if where are going to improve in the way you suggest… it is then time for us all to think outside the sphere.

  • Ed Darrell said:

    Great stuff. Have you visited with Checker Finn about this? Arne Duncan?

    By the way, while it’s a fantastic sentiment, I doubt that Einstein really said “not everything that counts can be counted.” I’ve been searching for a citation for that for while, without success. George Pickering probably said it, and Einstein copied it on his chalk board by one account.

    It’s true enough that Einstein should have said it, no?

  • Anthony Dang said:

    Had the great opportunity to hear you speak at the AIE Conference in Melbourne. Thank you for your insights…great to see I can keep up with you via your blog…

  • Katrina said:

    Hello Dr. Zhao, it is such a great joy to read your presentation slides. I’m now teaching a teacher workshop on East Asia and I will talk about the standardized testing system in China and the increasing trend in tests in the US. I’d like to use some of your slides (will acknowledge your name) if you would permit. Thank you very much!

  • Dennis Dunlap, Ph. D. said:

    Thanks for the presentation last night at Montcalm Community College. Your thoughts about personalization of curriculum it right on and needs to be communicated throughout the world. Also, understanding the power of relationships is critical. Knowing and valuing our student strengths is essential. I believe Gardner stated is best, “It is not how smart you are, it is how are you smart.” We need to know our students strengths and assist each student in understanding his/her strength/potential.
    So many of the youth and adults I have worked with, for more than twenty (20) years, were told how dumb he/she are and unfortunately they bought into/believed that myth. Strength based education is not a new concept, however, is still a very radical idea in our educational system. Thinking outside the box! I believe it is time to get rid of the box. Boxes limit our creativity, thanks for all you do, 3D.

    Thought you might enjoy the thinking with BAIT.

  • Robert Sigrist said:

    Dr. Zhang,

    I enjoyed your presentation Tuesday at the MASSP conference. Nice to hear someone from education with such pragmatic thoughts and opinions. Keep educating 🙂

  • Beckie Bouchard said:

    Dr. Zhao,

    We often attend conferences with keynote speakers that give us the latest and greatest information or ways to implement a change within our systems. After attending this year’s EARCOS conference, you have challenged us to not only analyze our actions as leaders but have encouraged us to help create the conditions whereby local solutions can be generated for local problems.
    Indeed students must be prepared for their future and not our past.

  • Joe Harper said:

    Dr. Zhao,

    Thanks for offering food for thought about what American educators could and should be doing to prepare our youth. I look forward to reading your book and using your website to inspire me and occasionally drop in to reflect, renew, and reinforce as I go about this important work.

    With gratitude.

  • Joe Harper said:

    What are your thoughts on the film – Race to Nowhere?

  • Randy Cash said:

    Dr. Zhao,
    I saw your keynote at NCCE Portland…. All I have to say is thank you! You inspire me to keep doing what I do well, teach and have fun! I am so sick of being slammed by the “so called experts” like Bill Gates and Arne Duncan, so it is refreshing to hear someone with the expertise to set it straight! Thank you… I wonder why Oprah doesn’t have you on? You need a bigger stage!

  • Deb Bailey said:

    Many thanks for your inspiring speech at the AMS conference in Chicago. Over 3000 Montessori teachers walked away from hearing your words feeling empowered and validated for the work we do to educate the whole child. I am deeply grateful for all you do.

  • Alane Jennings said:

    Greetings, and thank you for posting your slides from OSBA. I was inspired by your talk this weekend, and plan to share with other board members some of your key points. Twelve years ago, a small group of parents in my coastal community envisioned a public charter school that focused on integration of the arts, foreign language instruction, and Gardner’s ideas about Multiple Intelligence. This
    K-8 school is now in it’s tenth year of operation, with students who are excited (mostly) to attend school, encouraged to know their strenths and seek their passion, and STILL manage to score high on standardized tests. Thank you for speaking your message with such eloquence and for presenting the longitudinal data and analysis to convince those who still doubt.

  • Hugh Wilson said:

    My thanks to you, for your words and insight yesterday (Illinois Ed & Tech Conference.)

    We need to shout these concepts from rooftops and turn them into songs, that our children may ingrain them and save the education of our grandchildren.

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  • Koppeja ISTE2012 konferenssista | Mervi Mavendorf´s Blog said:

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  • Roberta Pipitone said:

    Dr. Zhao,
    I just watched one of your presentations on youtube. Please, please, please communicate your wisdom to our polititians! Contact Obama now!
    My husband and I are both passionate teachers. But we are so despairing of what is being done to students and teachers by NCLB and Race to the Top that we plan to retire as early as possible.
    Each year brings fewer and fewer students who possess the ability to think. They have been taught to accept whatever factoids are passed out to them. They cannot apply knowledge gleaned in the classroom to any other area of their lives because they possess no critical thinking skills at all.
    I work at one of the “top performing” schools in the nation, but my students graduate with few skills which will help them lead a rich, rewarding, or happy life.
    Please share your common sense with those who control our future! Educators, by and large, know you are speaking the truth. But those in control seem to be oblivious to what I experience in the classroom every day.
    Thank you.

  • Jon Zurfluh said:

    Enjoyed your presentation at ECIS in Berlin. You have a unique and focused perspective that is still current and relevant. Keep pressing us to see the data in context – your real strength. Thank you!

  • Kathleen McKee Snyder said:

    Dear Dr. Zhao,

    I was pleased to attend your presentation at the IEL conference last April in Washington, D.C. To me, it was the highlight of the event. I would appreciate having a PDF of your presentation slides . Thanks so much.


  • YongZhao (author) said:

    You can find it on this site under presentations.

  • lookang said:

    Dear Prof Zhao,

    thank you for your inspiring talk http://www.ictlt.com/index.php/2013-05-02-14-35-32/speakers-profiles in Singapore in 2014.
    In the field of educational research, prominent scholars like Kenneth Robinson and Zhao Yong (you) are activists for an agricultural model of education to nurture creative class (Zhao, 2013) of future learners , as oppose to the current factory model of batching students with common core knowledge and skills.
    Do continue to do great work, people will know about agricultural model of education soon when more people do something about it.
    thank you!

    by the way, i have used your materials here

    Zhao, Yong. (2013). U-Turn to Prosperity. Educational Leadership, 70(5), 57-59.

  • Neel Gupta said:

    Dear Dr. Zhao,

    It was so exciting to attend your talk at the INTASE World Educational Leadership Summit 2015 in Singapore. You have this wonderful ability to define reality and put things in perspective. I never, never imagined that I would, one day, have the honor of listening to you in person. What a tremendous learning experience it was. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights with us, and thank you for autographing my copy of World Class Learners. I am at the moment immersed in in it.

    With all my good wishes.


  • feng huaying said:

    nice to be here to learn about Dr Zhao’s insightful blogs and everything. I am a teacher and potentially going to be a teacher trainer, so it is so significant to have such dynamic global views of education

  • Jessica said:

    The speech on 2017 IB Global Meeting Yokohama is excellent, I was inspired and will study more. Thanks!

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