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[9 Mar 2021 | No Comment | 22,888]

My article Build back better: Avoid the learning loss trap published in Prospects on March 4 2021. Below is the abstract and you can read here.

A dangerous trap exists for educators and education policy makers: the learning loss. This trap comes with a large amount of data and with sophisticated projection methods. It presents a stunningly grim picture for education and it invites educators and policy makers to make wrong decisions and invest in wrong things. The article identifies a number of undesirable outcomes that their concerns could lead to. It also …

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[18 Feb 2021 | No Comment | 10,752]

Just published in Journal of Educational Change: The changes we need: Education post COVID-19
Yong Zhao and Jim Watterston
Accepted: 28 January 2021
Read here or Download the PDF here
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused both unprecedented disruptions and massive changes to education. However, as schools return, these changes may disappear. Moreover, not all of the changes are necessarily the changes we want in education. In this paper, we argue that the pandemic has created a unique opportunity for educational changes that have been proposed before COVID-19 but were never fully realized. We identify three …

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[15 Aug 2020 | No Comment | 3,210]
Can Creativity be Taught? Ep 3 of Creativity in Crisis on August 28th 3:00-4:00pm Pacific Time

In Episode 3, we will explore the question: Can creativity be taught? Please answer the following questions and read on about our guests.
There are a variety of views on this topic. In this episode, we are very pleased to have two wonderful guests join us to discuss this: Michael Anderson, Professor of Education at the University of Sydney and  Jodie Ricci, classroom teacher who has been working on framework to support student creativity in the classroom.
Dr Michael Anderson is Professor of Education in Creativity and the Arts at the University of Sydney. …

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[13 Jul 2020 | One Comment | 52,925]

My paper published in the journal of International Studies in Educational Administration. Download and read the paper here.
Abstract: The ‘grammar’ of schooling identified by David Tyack and William Tobin in the 1990s is the core business of schools. Despite numerous efforts by numerous smart, innovative, and sometimes even powerful individuals to make changes, the ‘grammar’ stays pretty much the same. There are plenty of reasons why it should not be the way to organise schooling, yet it still is. During COVID-19, is it possible to make changes to the ‘grammar’? My argument …

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[11 Jun 2020 | No Comment | 3,996]
Assessing Creativity in the Classroom? Recording of Ep2 of Creativity in Crisis

Ep2 of Creativity in Crisis
LEGO publication on classroom assessment of creativity mentioned in the show.
11am-12pm Friday, July 10
In Episode 1 of Creativity in Crisis, we discussed large scale assessment of creativity. Guests Bill Lucas and James Kaufman and hosts Ron Beghetto and Yong Zhao had a very interesting discussion. You can watch it here.
In Episode 2, we would like to talk about creativity assessment in the classroom. Should it be done? If so, how often? Do we expect students to become more or less creative as they get older? Who …

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[18 May 2020 | 5 Comments | 55,349]
Can and Should Creativity be Assessed? Ep1 of Creativity in Crisis (Watch Video Discussions)

Take the survey: can and should creativity be assessed?
Look at the results of the survey.

11am-12pm first Fridays US Pacific Time June 05 2020 Episode 1 of Creativity in Crisis: Prisoners of Our Own Imagination
As creativity becomes an increasing significant attribute/ability for students today, there is an increasing call for assessment. Is it possible to assess creativity? Are there any creativity assessments that have TRULY the power to predict individuals’ creativity capacity in the future? Are there any meaningful ways to assess creativity that is actually productive?
Furthermore, as schools and education …

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[17 May 2020 | 4 Comments | 3,387]
Creativity in Crisis: Prisoners of Our Own Imagination

Toward getting past our own imagined fears and toward realizing our creative potential.
A Bi-weekly Live Conversation about Creativity and Education on YouTube.
11am-12pm first Fridays US Pacific Time (Each Month)
Hosts: Ron Beghetto and Yong Zhao
Human creativity has gained heightened recognition in the 21st century as a means of helping us navigate the uncertainties of an increasingly complex and changing world. Despite decades of research, many fundamental issues about creativity remain unsettled. This is particularly true when it comes to cultivating creativity in educational settings. There is often a disconnection among the …

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[21 Apr 2020 | One Comment | 5,926]
From “Yes, but” to “Yes, and…:” Reimagine Possibilities and Obstacles of Educational Change

My encounters in recent weeks’ discussions (virtual meetings, social media interactions, and discussions on our new show #silverliningforlearning) once again focused my attention on a common phenomenon in education. Almost everyone thinks education should change and everyone seems to agree with the general directions of change (While the specifics of the desired change vary, the fundamentals are very similar—personalization, student agency/voice/self-determination, less testing, more authentic learning experiences, and attention to the whole child and cultivate different set of skills and competencies.) Moreover, there are many wonderfully successful examples of the …

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[16 Apr 2020 | 5 Comments | 14,425]
Reimagine the “Grammar” of Schooling Part 2 of Tofu is not Cheese: Reimagine Education without Schools During Covid19

Introduction from part 1: Tofu is not cheese so we should not expect it to smell or taste like cheese nor should we need to pretend it is or make it taste and smell like cheese. The message I was trying to convey is that we should accept the fact that schools are closed and we don’t need to pretend we can make online education the same as face-to-face schools. Instead, we should make the best out of the new situation. In my last blog post, I expanded the idea: Online …

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[7 Apr 2020 | 8 Comments | 17,588]
Tofu is not Cheese: Reimagine Education without Schools During Covid19 (1)

What to Teach: Reimagine Curriculum
“Tofu is not cheese” is what I said to a group of educators of ESF Quarry Bay Primary School (QBS), a school in Hong Kong that is determined to turn the Covid-19 crisis into an opportunity for reimagining education. Tofu is not cheese so we should not expect it to smell or taste like cheese nor should we need to pretend it is or make it taste and smell like cheese. The message I was trying to convey is that we should accept the fact that …