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[11 Jun 2020 | No Comment | 1,396]
Assessing Creativity in the Classroom? Recording of Ep2 of Creativity in Crisis

Ep2 of Creativity in Crisis
LEGO publication on classroom assessment of creativity mentioned in the show.
11am-12pm Friday, July 10
In Episode 1 of Creativity in Crisis, we discussed large scale assessment of creativity. Guests Bill Lucas and James Kaufman and hosts Ron Beghetto and Yong Zhao had a very interesting discussion. You can watch it here.
In Episode 2, we would like to talk about creativity assessment in the classroom. Should it be done? If so, how often? Do we expect students to become more or less creative as they get older? Who …

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[18 May 2020 | 5 Comments | 13,901]
Can and Should Creativity be Assessed? Ep1 of Creativity in Crisis (Watch Video Discussions)

Take the survey: can and should creativity be assessed?
Look at the results of the survey.

11am-12pm first Fridays US Pacific Time June 05 2020 Episode 1 of Creativity in Crisis: Prisoners of Our Own Imagination
As creativity becomes an increasing significant attribute/ability for students today, there is an increasing call for assessment. Is it possible to assess creativity? Are there any creativity assessments that have TRULY the power to predict individuals’ creativity capacity in the future? Are there any meaningful ways to assess creativity that is actually productive?
Furthermore, as schools and education …

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[17 May 2020 | 4 Comments | 1,302]
Creativity in Crisis: Prisoners of Our Own Imagination

Toward getting past our own imagined fears and toward realizing our creative potential.
A Bi-weekly Live Conversation about Creativity and Education on YouTube.
11am-12pm first Fridays US Pacific Time (Each Month)
Hosts: Ron Beghetto and Yong Zhao
Human creativity has gained heightened recognition in the 21st century as a means of helping us navigate the uncertainties of an increasingly complex and changing world. Despite decades of research, many fundamental issues about creativity remain unsettled. This is particularly true when it comes to cultivating creativity in educational settings. There is often a disconnection among the …

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[5 Dec 2019 | 4 Comments | 6,170]
The PISA Illusion

This article was originally published in the Washington Post on December 3rd 2019. It was adapted from part one of an article to appear in Journal of Educational Change. The longer version discusses three illusions PISA has created and relied on for its undeserved impact on global education: the illusion of excellence, the illusion of science, and the illusion of progress.
PISA is a masterful magician. It has successfully created an illusion of education quality and marketed it to the world. In 2018, 79 countries took part in this magic show out of the belief …

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[19 Dec 2016 | One Comment | 20,606]
[video]Perils or Promises: Education in the Age of Smart Machines: Presentation at the City Club of Cleveland

On December 14th, 2016, I made a presentation at the City Club of Cleveland. Watch the presentation
The Club’s website or
Title: Perils or Promises: Education in the Age of Smart Machines.
According to a 2016 World Economic Forum report, advances in technology could displace as many as five million jobs by 2021. Furthermore, according to the same report, 65 percent of children entering elementary school today will, as adults, be working in jobs that currently do not yet exist.
How do we prepare our children for this vast revolution? Can we …

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[1 Dec 2016 | One Comment | 14,546]
Never Send a Human to do a Machine’s Job: Top 5 Mistakes in Ed Tech

Do what you do best and let technology do the rest
Technology has transformed our lives. Virtually every school and classroom is connected. Why then, has it not transformed education? Consider these five ways educators can begin to optimize classroom technology and rethink its use.

See technology as a complement rather than a replacement
Embrace its creation potential over consumption function
Encourage design and personalized learning over standards and outcomes
Celebrate the journey toward digital competence over curriculum improvement
Focus on tech-pedagogy over product usage

Learn how to let technology cultivate student autonomy, creativity, and responsibility while focusing …

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[2 Nov 2014 | 3 Comments | 34,051]
Latest Book: Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Dragon: Why China has the Best (and Worst) Education System in the World

Reviews, Interviews, and News
Diane Ravitch (Nov. 20 2014). The Myth of Chinese Super Schools. New York Review of Books.

Rick Hess (Nov. 13, 2014) Yong Zhao’s Biting Critique of the Chinese Edu-Miracle. Education Week Blog.

Jay Mathews (Sept. 14 2014) Why admiring Chinese test scores might hurt U.S. schools, The Washington Post
Didi Kirsten Tatlow (Sept 14 2014) Q. and A.: Yong Zhao on Education and Authoritarianism in China, The New York Times
Ryan Allen (Oct. 7 2014). New Books in Education, Audio Interview with Yong Zhao.
Jennifer Berkshire (Oct. 6, 2014). Questioning Authoritarianism, an interview with Y. Zhao. EduShyster.
David …

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[25 May 2012 | 46 Comments | 121,415]
My new book: World Class Learners: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students

More about the book
I am very pleased to announce that Corwin Press will release my new book World Class Learners: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students in association with the National Association of Elementary School Principal (NAESP) next month, June 2012. The book is about preparing global, creative, and entrepreneurial talents. It is my attempt to answer a number of pressing questions facing education today. These questions are exemplified by two new stories that have dominated the media recently, one around the Facebook IPO and the other the debt and jobs …

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[14 Nov 2009 | 12 Comments | 56,259]
News and Interviews about my Book: Catching Up or Leading the Way

More about the book:

1-10-2010: Lansing State Journal Op Ed: Education “Race” is Counterproductive.
12-17-2009: Panel Discussion about Education in the US on China Radio International, Beijing: 2009-12-17 Education in the US
12-1-2009 The Daily Riff reviews the book in its “Favorite Books” section: http://www.thedailyriff.com/2009/12/high-scores-but-low-ability-the-chinese-curse.php
12-4-2009: Kappan‘s editor Joan Richardson interview with me: http://www.pdkintl.org/kappan/k_v91/docs/k0912ri1.pdf
11-26-2009: Kompas, an Indonesian newspaper article cites my book. Here is the Google translation from Indonesian to English.
11-11-2009: Primary Source reviews my book: http://www.primarysource.org/catching-up-or-leading-the-way
09-11-2009: Fred Deutsch writes about the book on his blog: http://www.school-of-thought.net/?p=898
29-10-2009: Laura Berman writes in Detroit News about …

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[7 Aug 2009 | 21 Comments | 62,932]
Video: No Child Left Behind and Global Competitiveness

Ed Week Post about this video: http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/curriculum/2009/08/michigan_scholar_questions_com.html
Will more standards, accountability, and higher test scores make American students more globally competitive? In the video, Yong Zhao retells his personal story and questions the wisdom of current US education policy. He argues that global competitiveness comes from a diversity of talents and recognition of individual passions and creativity. This is part of a film series produced by the Mobile Learning Institute’s called “A 21st Century Education”

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